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We're great. Our clients agree. Here's what some of them have to say.

Alice Luster

"My experience was amazing. There is something magical about being in this space. My results the next day made me feel strong and empowered."

Rick Staelin

I am the old guy (83 years old) with a pony tail that you might have seen on Studio 9's website. I have been working with Greg for about two years now so I think I have a pretty good feel for his studio and his ability as a trainer. Below are a few observations that might be useful for others considering using his studio and/or Greg. First is safety and Greg's concern for his clients. Given my age, I was very concerned about Covid-19. During that time period Greg and Bri always wore masks and took special care to wipe things down after each client. Importantly, he also watches out for my "safety" when asking me to do a particular exercise, making sure that I don't hurt myself. Yes, he pushes me, but he is always on the lookout to make sure I don't push myself past what is safe for me. I come home tired, but not hurt. Second, he listens to me and my goals. I said I wanted to strengthen my core, increase flexibility and balance, and have "fun". (It is hard to have fun when you are pushing yourself to your limits, but Greg finds ways to introduce new exercises to keep things "fun". He had me balancing on a Bosu ball playing catch with a football. Now you don't find that exercise in the normal gym!!) Third, Greg has enough energy and enthusiasm for ten people. He is always encouraging me to power through exercises and as a result I feel really good about myself and my progression over these last two years. Fourth, Greg knows his trade. Not only is he extremely fit as an individual, he knows the body and uses this knowledge to tailor his instruction to each individual client. Bottom line, if you are looking for a place to train that is safe, has a staff that really knows what they are doing, cares for each of their clients, and makes the experience "fun", I would highly recommend that you consider trying out Studio 9, conveniently located about a mile south of Duke campus.


Krista Williams

This is not just a gym and Greg is not just a trainer. He is invested in the growth, health and wellness of his clients. My husband and I were approached by Greg and Brianna at the mall and we discussed coming to his fitness studio. This came at the perfect time since I was rehabbing from an ACL repair. What a different 4 months has made. I was previously unable to move well due to difficulties with rehab and now I am running. I was unable to do push up prior to joining the studio and now I can do 10 (which is a huge milestone for me). The experience has truly been life changing. My husband also trains with Greg and we are both grateful for him and his training methods. He really bring a true enthusiasm to fitness.


Studio 9 isn't just a place to work out, it's a community fixture where your workout partners become friends and supporters inside and outside the studio. Greg and Bri have cultivated a safe, friendly, and fun environment where all people can be motivated to find their strength and feel good.


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